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Sea Slug Survey

With support from the City of Gold Coast, Ocean Connect runs regular sea slug surveys. Surveys take place in the rock pools in Burleigh Heads or during shore or boat dives. Our sea slug data has contributed to the knowledge of sea slugs and nudibranch on the Gold Coast. All data is shared on the Atlas of Living Australia and new sea slug species are added to the existing species list each year. A team of avid divers and rock poolers join our surveys on a weekly basis.

Rocky Shores

The rocky shore citizen science program aims to increase our knowledge regarding species diversity at the Burleigh Heads location by recording and photographing molluscs, crustaceans, worms, echinoderms, and other species. This data is submitted to the Atlas of Living Australia to create a comprehensive list of common and rare observations in the rocky shores in Burleigh. In addition, the survey team records disturbances, pollution and other threats.

Seagrass Surveys

Seagrasses provide a rapid response to changes in their environment, including climate change effects, pollution, turbidity, and invasive species. Therefore, playing a unique role in the equilibrium of coastal ecosystems, often being referred to as a key indicator of ecosystem health. Our seagrass citizen science program provides knowledge of the presence or absence of particular species (introduced or native) and the overall condition of seagrass meadows. This will assist in creating effective management strategies to target those particular factors effecting waterway health. In addition, creating awareness of seagrasses in coastal and marine environments, would encourage community members to participate in the protection and preservation of ecosystems traditionally neglected such as muddy intertidal regions and estuaries.

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