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Aerial View of Beach

Environmental Education

Our environmental education programs cater for the whole of community ranging from kindergarten age to seniors! In addition to activities for the community, we also run sessions for schools and community groups. In calender in "What's on" you can see the educational events we are running. Booking links are included here that also provide you with more information on each event. Many events are in collaboration with the City of Gold Coast Naturally GC and City Infrastructure or Education Queensland. 


Rocky Shore Explore

The rocky shore habitat in Burleigh provides an amazing array of wildlife that are hidden in plain sight. During our rocky shore sessions, we will discover some of the species that are inhabit this fragile ecosystem and reveal some of their adaptations and survival strategies for a live in the rocky shores. 


We will take you on a visit to one of the mangrove habitats on the Gold Coast and learn about this amazing plant that has adapted to a life on the coast. We will share how mangroves are important to our own survival, their role in climate change mitigation and how they provide a home to some incredible wildlife.


Seagrass Incursions and excursions

Ocean Connect runs regular educational sessions that focus on Seagrass. Hands-on sessions teach participants how to identify Seagrass and why they are an important habitat. During our incursions we have gamified seagrass identifiction and our excursions provide you with the full experience in the field. 

School holiday programs

We occasionally run school holiday programs which range from full day to half day programs. Some of our sessions teach participants about the ins and outs of a career in marine sciences, whilst others involve activities such as crafting, arts, beach clean ups, sea slug identification and sea turtle identifiction. Keep an eye out on our "What's on" calender or Eventbrite for our school holiday programs coming up. They are often free or low cost. 

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